Navigating the changing privacy landscape and collecting personal information

Significant changes to the Privacy Act came into effect on 12 March 2014.  The changes will affect most businesses that collect and use personal information.  The changes extend the operation of the provisions of the Privacy Act and impose significant penalties on individuals and business that fail to comply with the Privacy Act. 

A significant change introduced by the amendments is a new definition of “personal information”.  This change in itself may require any organisation that has already in place policies and procedures to comply with the Privacy Act to reconsider whether their policies and procedures will continue to be adequate, in addition to the need to implement the other changes introduced by the amendments.

At the recent Commercial Law Associations seminar on ‘Navigating the changing privacy landscape’, Norman Donato spoke on the practical implications for businesses and business advisers of the latest changes.

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Anyone wanting to receive more information about the impact of the changes on organisations, or a brief information pack on the new changes, don’t hesitate to contact us.