May 2017

PPSA Seminar - implications in real property transactions

The PPSA has 343 sections and the 2015 Whittaker Report made 394 recommendations about the Act.  So PPSA is big and complex. But even though the Act is about personal property there are areas where it becomes relevant to real property transactions  - for example fit-out leases, sales of goods with real property and taking security.

Join our PPSA expert Oliver Shtein to review  PPSA  essentials for property people. We will examine issues including:

  • PPSA disasters in the Courts – for example the stunning loss to Forge Group’s bankers of leased turbines worth $60million.

  • What searches does a purchaser need to do when buying goods with property?

  • How does PPSA affect leases of fit-out or other goods?

  • PPSA’s exemption for ‘fixtures’’.

  • Making a PPSR registration against a tenant  - and making sure a PPSA registration made against your business is not troublesome.

  • How to negotiate a PPSA clause.

Oliver advises lessors, financiers and others on PPSA and since 2011 he has acted for Australia’s peak hire and rental body in relation to  PPSA reform.

When: Wednesday 24 May 2017

Time: 8.00 - 9.30am (includes light breakfast)

Venue: Bartier Perry - Level 10, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Please feel free to refer this invitation to your colleagues where appropriate.

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