Modern Slavery Laws and Sustainable Supply Chains

Date - 14 November 2019
Venue - Bartier Perry

The introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) brings about another raft of compliance and reporting for Australian entities. Jason Sprague will look at the requirements for complying with the new legislation, the impacts it can have, what happens if you breach the Act and strategies for compliance. Based on his experience in China and Asia, Carsten Primdal will then explain how to understand, measure and report on what goes on in the supply chain, how to trust what you see and when to be sceptical.  Carsten will share anecdotes to highlight his points, and will provide practical tips to help you improve the sustainability of your supply chains.



Carsten Primdal – Zoic Environmental

Carsten Primdal is an ESG, Modern Slavery and Sustainable Supply Chain Expert enabling operational transparency by means of developing and implementing practical risk mitigation processes.  Through consultancy projects in China, Bangladesh and Cambodia, Carsten has overseen delivery of capacity building activities reaching > 2500 factories and impacting more than 125,000 factory-workers. 

While living in China, he remediated several cases of child labour and slavery-like conditions in factories.  It is this practical experience which now enables Carsten to advise Australian businesses on how to improve and how to integrate sustainable supply chain metrics into their ESG frameworks. Carsten is also the author of two books, the first; “Red Flag – Your Guide to Risk management when buying in China” is a book based on his personal experiences living and working in China. His second book; (currently in editing) outline the practical steps any business who wish to improve the sustainability of their supply chain, must take – to avoid Modern Slavery and other malpractices. The second book is due for release in December 2019.

Jason Sprague - Bartier Perry

Jason is a commercial, corporate and intellectual property lawyer with more than 20 years' experience in mergers and acquisitions; business structuring; intellectual property commercialisation and protection; information technology development, licensing and procurement; and a range of cross-border transactions.

Michael Cossetto - Bartier Perry

Michael heads our Corporate & Commercial Group and advises on a range of commercial transactions. He has a special interest in licensing and distribution, as well as a deep understanding of intellectual property law. This includes providing advice on managing intangible assets and commercialising technology.


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Modern Slavery Laws and Sustainable Supply Chains