Working with Community and Culture: Local Council Managers & Officers Forum

Date - 31 December 2020


As you would be aware, Australia is currently impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Bartier Perry has taken practical steps to ensure that our people, clients and our broader community are provided with a safe and healthy working environment.  We are conscious that all actions we take are measured, in line with expert advice and geared to minimise impact on business and communities.

As the health and wellbeing of all clients, guests and staff is Bartier Perry’s highest priority this seminar has now been postponed.

We appreciate your support and understanding.



Everyone knows that councils are charged with serving their communities. But what exactly do we mean when we say “communities”?

Who are we talking about?

It’s clear that today’s communities are not the same as 15 years ago. Demographics are changing, attitudes are shifting, populations are growing, new concerns are arising (climate change, anyone?).

Are communities defined by location, demographics, attitudes, or something else?

And how do councils best serve them?

In our second Local Council Managers & Officers Forum, our keynote speaker will discuss the growing role of councils in creating places for communities to connect and flourish – and the challenges inherent in doing this. Specifically, they will discuss:

  • Place: why is there a renewed emphasis on place, and why are councils critically important to it.

  • Community: changing attitudes on important issues like housing, transport, environment and equity.

  • Culture: it’s shifting from the ground up. How can councils keep up?

  • Trust: how do councils honour their commitments to residents and stay relevant?

Please join us for a FREE in-depth forum on the major issues facing local government, and approaches for successfully managing them.

Feel free to extend this invitation to your Council colleagues where appropriate.


8.00am Registration & breakfast

8.40am Welcome followed by keynote presentation 

10.00 AM – Concurrent sessions:

Defending workers compensation psychological claims arising from whistleblowing

Using two case studies, insurance partner Mick Franco will discuss how to defend psychological claims arising from whistleblowing – is it a new trend?

Procedural Fairness – The Bedrock of Community and Culture

You can’t claim to care about community and culture unless your decision making is based on procedural fairness. Norman Donato will take you through what exactly is procedural fairness.

Land use meeting culture and community expectations  

In this discussion, property specialist Peter Barakate will examine the use of land to meet cultural and community needs and the statutory framework for securing this outcome.

11.00 AM - Morning tea

11.30 AM - Concurrent sessions:

Culture, community expectations and industrial fairness:  the intersection in the Commission

In this presentation James Mattson and Darren Gardner will examine recent decisions where industrial tribunals have had to balance statutory concepts of fairness against cultural and community expectations.  We will explore whether there is a trend for tribunals to be tougher and give less weight to personal matters in determining whether Council actions are fair or not.

Construction disputes are likely not in the interests of Council or the Community – Contracting with confidence

A construction contract will include a compact of rights and obligations representing the pre-allocation of responsibilities between themselves in respect of certain risks that may, and many times do, transpire during the construction project.

David Creais and Mark Glynn will discuss a number of specific rights and obligations that often lead to misunderstanding, if not dispute, which is not in the interests of Council or the community.   

A review of environmental planning policies and legislation changes that has been driven by community sentiment

In this presentation, Dennis Loether and Laura Raffaele will discuss recent amendments to legislation, and in particular, amendments to state environmental planning policies that have been driven by concerns raised by the wider community.  In doing so, we will consider how these legislative changes have been applied by the Land and Environment Court and any resulting ramifications for councils.  We will also provide a general update on recent Land and Environment Court decisions.

12.30 PM - Conclusion



Bankstown Sports Club – 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown



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