07 May 2020

Strata Properties – Managing Hidden Issues

Ownership of a strata lot presents issues that do not arise with ownership of real property, and which are often hard to detect or fully understand before acquisition.  Defective works, illegal cladding and factional and sometimes deep-rooted disputes within a strata scheme are some issues that can have a devastating effect on an owner’s use and enjoyment of a strata property.  Gaining knowledge of any issues in a strata scheme before you are an owner is imperative, as is an understanding of what you can do if you are faced in such a situation.

In this seminar Bartier Perry Partners, Melissa Potter, Robert Kalde and Gavin Stuart will explore these themes with reference to real life examples in the areas of:

  • investigations a purchaser of a strata property can make to protect themselves against any defective works, issues arising from defective cladding and disharmonious neighbours

  • rights available to an owners corporation to remedy defective works including illegal cladding, and how this issue impacts on owners

  • how disputes within a strata scheme can play out and how to navigate them