29 November 2019

Let’s get ready for Summer! Sunscreens: are they a therapeutic good or a cosmetic?

Over the last 12 months we have seen some significant changes in the regulatory regimes responsible for the importation, manufacture, advertising and distribution of cosmetics and therapeutic goods in Australia.  The recent changes highlight a fundamental difficulty that law makers and businesses alike face in trying to distinguish between therapeutic goods and cosmetics.

Depending on what side of the regulatory fence your product falls on will have vastly different implications in relation to how your product is regulated.  The regulation of sunscreens provides us with a great example of the interaction between the regulatory regimes and the complexities involved in determining which regime applies.

The aim of this seminar is to give an overview of the interplay between the two regimes and some practical tips to help your business navigate its way through the recent changes and the regulatory framework generally.

Our expert panel will take you through all aspects of:

  • The difference between therapeutic goods and cosmetics

  • The regulatory landscape

  • The interaction between the NICNAS, the TGA Act and AS 2604

  • The sunsetting of the Cosmetics Standard and the introduction of the new Excluded Goods Determination

  • The relevance of the Australian Consumer Law

  • Tips on effectively identifying where your product falls in the current regulatory landscape

  • What can happen if you get it wrong!



Ellie Kim - RFA Regulatory Affairs
Michael Cossetto - Bartier Perry