Areas of Expertise

Corinna has 10 years of experience assisting clients with workers compensation claims, work injury damages and employer liability. She has worked with small and large employers, as well as government agencies, to manage workers compensation claims from initial liability decisions through to work injury damages litigation.

Corinna’s understanding of the Australian insurance environment enables her to collaborate with both employers and insurers to develop claims management plans. Providing strategic advice on navigating the workers compensation system, Corinna guides her clients through the recovery at work process and where necessary, provides litigation advice and representation.

Corinna balances the commercial needs of her clients with the practical realities of litigation. She is a highly skilled negotiator and achieves successful commercial settlements in workers compensation claims and work injury damages matters.



  • Bachelor of Business (Finance) (UTS)

  • Bachelor of Laws (UTS)

  • NSW Law Society


A word from Corinna

I enjoy working side by side with my clients and assisting them to navigate our complex workers compensation system. Balancing the medical and liability issues in a commercial context is both challenging and rewarding.


Career highlights

  • Representing employer and insurers in the Workers Compensation Commission and NSW Courts.

  • Serving as an icare secondee to gain a better understanding of the challenges of workers compensation claims management.

  • Being one of two solicitors tasked with over one hundred matters in work capacity decisions, with some leading to work capacity disputes.

  • Adapting to different client needs in a constantly changing complex legal system.

  • Achieving commercial settlements in the best interest of her client and before commencement of court proceedings.


Specific areas of focus

  • Appearing at Workers Compensation Commission teleconference, arbitrations and mediations.

  • Defending common law work injury damages claims.

  • Strategic planning and risk management of workers compensation claims and reducing claims costs

  • Engaging qualified experts to address specific medical and liability issues.