Issues dominating media headlines

A message from our CEO

The apartment combustible cladding crisis and its far-reaching implications for not only apartment owners but also for builders, insurers, and councils to name some of the parties impacted, have dominated media headlines in recent months.

It’s an exceedingly complex issue and one that Bartier Perry Partner David Creais and Senior Associate Mark Glynn have for a number of years now been working on behind the scenes with industry and property groups, including the Master Builders Association.  


This has enabled our team to distil into clear concepts what some of the issues are - including cladding being passed around client events so that people can see for themselves. 

Both were recently quoted on how buyers could spot risky cladding in a new apartment building. The answer – not very easily.

The broader commercial and disputes resolution team that they’re part of have been bolstered further in recent months by three new Partner appointments.

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