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Information Technology

Technology is now critical to every business’s day-to-day operations. Through tactics such as automating your business processes or sharing data over the cloud, it can also help give your business a competitive edge.

But technology can present real commercial risks to your business too, especially if you become dependent on a service provider. And those risks will be compounded if they involve a mission critical project or a major implementation.

At the same time, as connectivity, mobility and the internet-of-things become ubiquitous, technology can also present new business risks both to data and privacy.

Our technology law team takes a commercial approach to technology transactions - one that lets you minimise your exposure while capitalising on the advantages technology brings. After all, we’ve successfully advised both suppliers and consumers of technology on major transactions for businesses, universities and government bodies.

And we can help your organisation manage risk at every step of the supply chain too - from acquisition and implementation through to maintenance and support.


We can:

  • Help you negotiate and develop new business models and delivery systems.

  • Draft and negotiate technology contracts, including technology supply agreements, software development agreements, software licence agreements, cloud or software-as-a-service agreements, platform agreements, service level agreements, online privacy and terms and conditions.

  • Help your business identify new opportunities and to structure its offerings and processes.

  • Help you prepare and negotiate contracts based on the Government technology procurement frameworks, such as Procure IT and GITC.

  • Advise you on data ownership and protection, as well as on complying with privacy obligations.


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