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Private Wealth

Managing wealth encompasses many areas of law. It ultimately requires input from specialist lawyers who are experienced in identifying and addressing critical issues and risks.

The Bartier Perry Private Wealth team are experts in estate and succession planning, wealth protection, taxation asset and property structuring and resolving complex relationship issues. Our clients include wealthy individuals, family groups, trusts and trustee companies and business owners.  

We recognise that there are different phases in the wealth cycle including accumulation, preservation and distribution, and that no two clients, will be in an identical position. Our advice is therefore tailored to each client’s unique circumstances as well as their short, medium and long-term goals. The aim is to enable you to achieve your goals in the most efficient, cost effective manner, freeing you up to enjoy the opportunities that your wealth provides.

Depending on your needs and wishes, we may develop an approach, seeking to protect existing wealth, or one that seeks to maximise opportunities – or a mixture of both.

From time to time, taxation authorities like the ATO and Revenue NSW may audit or investigate your affairs.  We can give you advice to help you through the audit or if an unfavourable taxation assessment has been issued then we can prepare an objection, application for review or an appeal. 

Many of our clients are stepping back from day to day involvement in businesses or thinking about their family’s future. We assist them with structuring intergenerational family business succession strategies and with preparing asset protective and tax effective estate plans. We also establish, restructure and provide advice on the administration of trusts and help clients to carry out their duties under wills, enduring powers of attorney, appointments of enduring guardian and buy-sell agreements.


We can:

  • Help you structure your business, personal investments or personal finances so that you have the best chance of achieving your objectives.

  • Advise you on the tax implications of structuring and restructuring your personal and business affairs and help you prepare the right documents to make sure you reach the best outcome.

  • Help you develop a business succession plan that achieves your personal, business and family goals.

  • Advise you on succession plans that recognise the complexities of modern family dynamics and minimise the chances of a dispute.

  • Advise you on how to achieve your business succession objectives through tax-effective personal estate planning.

  • Provide advice on whether a trust is appropriate and, if so, what kind (eg unit trust, testamentary trust, discretionary trust or another structure).

  • Help you put in the appropriate structures to protect or grow your wealth, as you choose.

  • Advise on wills and estate planning to provide certainty in the future, take care of those you love, and minimise the possibility of legal challenges.

  • Help you establish or restructure your investments, including tailored discretionary family trusts, tailored hybrid trust arrangements and non-standard company arrangements.

  • Guide you through a taxation audit or investigation and help you to object to, apply for a review of, or appeal an unfavourable taxation decision or assessment made by the ATO or Revenue NSW.

  • Advise on acquiring assets in your self-managed superannuation fund, accessing and protecting your superannuation benefits.

  • Help you avoid disputes about control and ownership by making sure your intentions are known and that the future of the company is documented.

  • Help you resolve family disputes over the direction of the business through alternative dispute resolution.

  • Represent you in court if a dispute over a family business escalates.