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About us

Based in Sydney, we are a leading law firm with a proud 80 year history of empowering our clients with insights that unleash their potential.

Our team have an inherent understanding that your need for advice serves a greater purpose. To meet this, we go beyond the technicalities of the law and provide insights into what this means for you, your company or your industry.

Our people

We are easy to talk to, approachable and steer clear of ‘lawyer speak.’ We also pride ourselves on our sincerity and lack of arrogance. We know that you want access to the right person at the right time, regardless of seniority, and pride ourselves on our accessibility.

How we work with you

We believe your legal fees should be an investment in your future, not a burdensome cost, and are committed to demonstrating a commercial return for your spend with us. Reflecting this, our fee structures are flexible and practical so you can translate our advice into actions with minimum fuss.

Our role in the community

We believe we have an obligation to contribute to our community, beyond the advice that we give our clients. This urge to give back is at the core of our culture and drives many of our team building activities, charitable giving and pro bono work.

Brief history of Bartier Perry

Bartier Perry traces its history back over 75 years to 1942. The founder of the firm, John Alfred Ironside Perry was admitted to practice as a solicitor in NSW in 1887.  

In 1942, the practice he founded merged with the separate legal practices of Harold Bartier and Basil Purcell giving rise to the Bartier Perry & Purcell partnership.

Since that date the firm has enjoyed continuous operations as an independently owned and operated legal practice. The name of the firm was changed to Bartier Perry in 1997. Previous Partners of the firm include Kevin Ellis, former speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly, Neville Wran former Premier of NSW, the Hon Roger Gyles QC, former judge of the Federal Court of Australia, and Justice David Kirby of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Over recent years the firm (which became a corporation in 2007) has actively re-engineered itself to ensure its competitiveness and long term viability. The firm’s diversification has been founded on both organic growth and strategic acquisitions with particular emphasis in servicing Government, insurance, business and private clients.

Bartier Perry is a member of World Link for Law - a network of 70 law firms in 40 countries worldwide. It is one of the largest international law networks in the world.

The firm has supplemented major acquisitions with a number of highly experienced senior practitioners, many from large international firms, to further strengthen the firm’s depth in key service areas of insurance, property, commercial, workplace, and commercial litigation.

An unambiguous culture of hard work, quality service, operational transparency and efficiency define the firm’s culture.