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Our team of health lawyers advises and represents public and private hospitals, as well as other organisations in the health sector. This includes health service providers, medical diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, private health insurers, aged care and disability service providers, health networks and others.

We know that the health sector is like no other. You face greater scrutiny, you’re subject to more rules and regulations, and your research and your reputation matter in a way they don’t to businesses in other industries. That means integrity and quality are essential in both decision making and service delivery.

Against this backdrop, your day-to-day legal and business challenges often take on much greater importance. And there are so many legal issues you need to master just to be able to get on with business.

For instance, there’s the need to manage and protect your intellectual property rights; the need to attract and retain highly skilled employees and the need to get every detail of your processes right. There’s also the need to manage conflicts and disputes while maintaining service delivery to the community.

And on top of this, there’s the need to protect yourself in the face of legal challenges that you’ve acted negligently, that you’ve breached someone’s privacy or that you’ve acted in a way that’s not consistent with the multitude of rules and regulations that govern what you’re allowed to do.

At Bartier Perry, we take into account the reality of the health sector to deliver practical, solutions-focused outcomes that help put your organisation in the spotlight for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

That’s why so many of Australia’s leading health players trust us with their legal needs.


We can:

  • Advise you on your obligations under the Privacy legislation and other laws and regulations that govern how you handle confidential information.

  • Show you how to protect your intellectual property rights so that you benefit from investing in research.

  • Guide you through every stage of construction and health infrastructure projects so that you get the detail right and meet your commercial objectives.

  • Represent you in a complaint or investigation so that you give yourself the best chance of success.

  • Help you successfully manage appointment processes.

  • Help you comply with the rules, regulations, protocols and guidelines that impact on your business.

  • Advise you on tenders and requests for proposal (RFPs) so that you comply with the law and stand up to any challenge.

  • Advise you on risk management strategies and clinical protocols for medical or health care providers, including legal, ethical and practical requirements, to ensure that medical and health care practitioners can carry on their work without the constant fear of exposure to legal or disciplinary action.

  • Represent allied health professionals, including pharmacists, chiropractors, psychologists and physiotherapists, with respect to professional misconduct and various complaints and prosecutions.

  • Advise on disciplinary matters for medical practitioners and health care professionals.

  • Help you negotiate employment contracts with highly skilled medical professionals and other key staff.