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Workers Compensation

Our specialist workers compensation lawyers act exclusively for defendants, including employers, self-insurers and specialised insurers, Comcare, and icare: the Nominal Insurer and NSW Self Insurance Corporation (SICorp). 

In both private and government-underwritten schemes, we understand that workers compensation is about delivering financial support and services to injured workers - and doing it in a way that’s affordable, sustainable and fair.

That means early medical, rehabilitation and injury management intervention. It also means minimising the chance of workplace injury in the first place.

That’s why we take a holistic and strategic approach to workers compensation - one that doesn’t just focus on liability but analyses why claims occur. We help our clients identify any system failure and dysfunction, as well as clusters and trends. Then we help them put in place the strategies they need to overcome them.

We also triage any workers compensation claims, making sure our clients deploy the right resources to investigate, assess and resolve every claim properly.

Where a claim has merit, we support our employer and insurance clients to avoid unreasonable objections and pay legitimate entitlements, supported by injury management and RTW strategies. But where a claim is contentious or unsubstantiated, we’ll interrogate it thoroughly and use evidence to challenge it.

We work to resolve workers compensation disputes through negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. And, if we need to contest a claim in a court or tribunal, we employ ‘model litigant’ practices that focus on the issues, prevent escalation of disputes and litigation and save costs.

It’s by doing this - and by working closely with both employers and insurers - that we help our clients treat workers compensation in a consistent, seamless and harmonious fashion.

This helps keep costs down and lets business continue uninterrupted. It also lets injured workers continue to live their lives with independence, certainty and dignity.


We can:

  • Help you build a workers compensation strategy if you’re an employer that integrates workers compensation with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), employment and industrial relations policy.

  • Support you if you’re an insurer to deliver the best workers compensation services to the employer and its injured employee.

  • Help you manage the workers compensation claims process to minimise cost and maximise the chance of a successful outcome for the business and the employee.

  • Advise you on any associated issues if you’re an employer so that you can develop and implement the policies that will reduce injury and claims in the first place.

  • Provide you with the best possible representation in a court or tribunal, including the NSW Workers Compensation Commission, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and more.


Bartier Perry has been recognised as a leading law firm in NSW in the area of workers compensation by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession since 2017.