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Competition & Consumer

Competition and consumer law can have wide-reaching - and sometimes unexpected - effects on the way we do business. After all, it regulates and limits the way businesses can behave, no matter whether they’re big or small, selling products or services, traditional or online.

We can advise you on how competition and consumer law applies to your business at every stage of a commercial transaction - from drafting terms and conditions through to advertising your product or service. We can also advise you on negotiating with suppliers and customers, acquiring businesses and companies and dispute resolution.

That way you can best ensure that you’re complying with the law and reducing the risk of something going wrong. 

We can help you by advising on:

  • Complying with and defending an ACCC investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices.

  • Anti-competitive conduct, including cartel behaviour.

  • How fair trading laws apply to your business and the businesses you deal with.

  • Drafting contracts and terms and conditions that comply with competition and consumer laws.

  • How to draft an effective restraint of trade or dispute an unreasonable one.

  • Developing training programs to assist the people in your business understand and comply with competition and consumer laws.

  • How the product liability provisions of the competition and consumer law apply to your business, including your rights and obligations when it comes to product safety and product recalls.

  • How the franchise provisions of the competition and consumer law apply to your business if you’re a franchisor or franchisee.

  • Negotiating and resolving competition and consumer law disputes, including representing your business in a court or tribunal.

  • How to apply for a draft formal or informal merger clearance that complies with the ACCC’s requirements.

  • How to apply for an exemption or authorisation of activity that may otherwise breach competition laws.




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