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Our reputations, both as individuals and as businesses, are our most valuable asset and must be protected.

Reputational damage has become increasingly complex and takes many forms including emails, video, memes, verbal, website reviews, media publications. We know that with the prolific use of social media and constant online communication, fake information and reviews can have serious consequences for businesses.

We are experts in helping our clients both defend against defamation claims or who are looking to protect their reputations across a wide range of contexts and industries. 

We have comprehensive experience in relation to the legislative and procedural requirements for taking the necessary steps to remove publications and claim compensation for harm caused.

We work with you to understand your purpose and implement strategic steps to meet those objectives in a manner which mitigates any further potential for damage. 

Utilising our network of forensic, technology and reputation management specialists, our team has the expertise and experience to assist when you or your business have been defamed. By acting quickly and decisively, we look to bring about resolution and re-establish trust in your reputation. When necessary, we will advise on claims for compensation for harm.

Defamation can be resolved in many ways, including through an apology, retraction and/or removal of defamatory website material. 


We can help you:

  • Assess any publications of concern and advise on issues and available actions.

  • Determine available evidence to establish the mandatory serious harm threshold.

  • Make demands for the removal of defamatory publications and seek apologies/retractions and take measures to prevent further reputational damage.

  • Issue or respond to concerns notices.

  • Apply to the court for relief interlocutory/final injunctions and compensatory damages for harm (both economic and non-economic) caused by defamatory publication(s).

  • Review, assess and update organisations’ policies and procedures regarding both internal and external communications.

  • As an employer, when your employees are faced with, or wish to bring, defamation claims including indemnities and duties of care.

  • Train employees on the risks of defamation and help implement mitigation strategies to minimise potential claims.

  • Work with specialist service providers including defamation barristers and media consultants to help protect and restore your reputation.