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Intellectual Property

A business’s intellectual property rights are often its most valuable assets. That’s because intellectual property rights are derived from the intangible assets that give your business a competitive advantage, such as your knowledge, skill and creativity. 

Intellectual property rights include patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, trade secrets and confidential information. They are found in all sorts of business assets, including new products, business processes, methods of manufacture, brand names, logos, product designs, websites, software and client lists.

Our intellectual property team offers an integrated approach to IP issues for businesses, universities and government bodies. We can help your organisation through every step of acquiring, managing and maintaining intellectual property rights: from research, through to commercialisation and enforcement.


We can:

  • Help you audit your intellectual property rights, so you can accurately identify the IP assets owned and used by your business.

  • Advise you about how best to protect and exploit your intellectual property rights.

  • Assist with acquiring and transferring intellectual property rights.

  • Help you register your trademarks (ie brands and logos) in Australia and internationally, including responding to requisitions by the trade marks office and prosecuting trade mark oppositions.

  • Help you commercialise your intellectual property rights, including the licensing of patents, trademarks and plant breeders rights.

  • Help you enforce your intellectual property rights, so that you reduce loss and keep control of your IP assets.

  • Represent you in courts and tribunals and also informally through negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution.

  • Help you protect against a breach of confidence from a supplier, employee or other person who has inside knowledge of your business.

  • Help prevent someone from revealing your trade secrets or defend you from someone’s claim that you’re breaching their trade secrets.

  • Advise you about copyright, moral rights and authorship.



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