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Bartier Perry’s lawyers help government departments and agencies, and public bodies make better decisions.

We do this by giving you practical legal advice that doesn’t just take into account the strict letter of the law, but considers the context you operate in.

After all, we know you face different - and often greater - pressures than organisations in the corporate and commercial world. There’s the need to be transparent and open, the need to comply with government policies and guidelines, the need to work with multiple stakeholders and the need to face the reality that much of what you do will be open to challenge, whether that’s informally through the media or formally through the courts.

And the only way your lawyers can properly understand where your limitations and opportunities lie is through having real world government experience themselves.

That’s why we’re proud that many of our lawyers come from government positions or have hands-on experience in secondments to government enterprises. We’re also proud of the practical experience we’ve had helping local councils, State and Commonwealth government departments and agencies and statutory corporations run more efficiently and reach better outcomes.

We can:

  • Guide you through the process of a tender or request for proposal so you get the best result and your decision stands up to legal challenge.

  • Advise you on selling and acquiring property, as well as on creating easements to protect your infrastructure assets.

  • Advise you on your obligations under the Privacy Act as well as other laws and regulations that govern how you deal with information.

  • Help you commercialise and protect your intellectual property rights so that you profit from your research and hard work.

  • Advise you on workplace relations law so that you keep your workforce pulling in the right direction and make defensible decisions.

  • Guide you through public/private partnerships so that you protect your interests and give your project the best chance of success.

  • Help you resolve disputes through negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques, so that you minimise disruption and cost.

  • Represent you in the Land and Environment Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and other courts and tribunals.


Council Connect May 2020