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Administrative Law

Government decisions can have a profound implication on the lives of both people and business. So if you’re making a decision or you’re challenging one, you need to be sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting things right.

But providing the best advice on administrative law doesn’t simply require a technical understanding of the rules and legislation surrounding that review process. It also requires understanding the practical realities of how government operates, the complexities of relationships between departments and agencies, and the context in which decisions are made.

We pride ourselves on understanding the day-to-day functioning of government, just as well as we understand the legal framework governing the decision making process. And we use that knowledge to both help businesses challenge government decisions and governments make decisions that will stand up to being challenged.

We can help you:

  • Navigate the decision making process so that you can be confident you've afforded procedural fairness and natural justice.

  • Draft decisions and statements of reason that will stand up to being challenged or reviewed.

  • Interpret and apply legislation that's relevant to the decisions you make.

  • Resolve administrative law disputes through negotiation and informal dispute resolution.

  • Challenge and defend decisions through internal review processes, as well as before administrative tribunals and the courts.

  • Challenge or defend equal opportunity and anti-discrimination claims, including in respect of education and the provision of goods and services.

  • Apply for information under the Government Information (Public Access) legislation.

  • Understand the principles of administrative law in the context of a public-private partnership.