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Wealth Protection

Preserving your wealth can often be just as difficult as growing it. Your assets can be put at risk from so many factors - from the fallout from personal and family relationships to business deals and changes to the law. 

Because everybody’s circumstances are different, it’s only possible to protect your wealth effectively if your lawyer works hard to understand the full picture of your business and personal arrangements. That means getting to know your family dynamics and personal relationships, just as well as they know your business dealings and investments.

It’s also only possible where your lawyer can tap into expertise on so many areas of the law: from bankruptcy, taxation, stamp duty and superannuation through to the Corporations Act, as well as corporate structures, succession planning and trusts.

Our wealth protection team can help you structure your business and personal assets and investments in a way that minimises the chance that they’ll be put at risk. We draw on a range of legal experts to help you preserve what you’ve worked for, and do so in an effective manner. 

In doing so, we work closely with your existing advisers to make sure your legal structures match your finances and lifestyle goals.

And we also make sure you continue to benefit from your wealth without compromising your objectives when it comes to estate planning and succession. 

We can:

  • Help you establish, structure and restructure your business and private investments, including tailored discretionary family trusts, tailored hybrid trust arrangements and non-standard company arrangements.

  • Advise you on potential risks to your business, investment and wealth and show you how to restructure them to minimise risk.

  • Show you how to structure your assets to minimise the cost of taxation and protect your wealth.