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Workplace Law & Culture

Helping workplaces work and people and business prosper.

Whether you're a public sector body or a private business, how you navigate workplace relations will go a long way to determining whether you and your people succeed.

But workplace relations is much more than a set of laws regulating the employment and industrial relationships of employers.

Workplace relations is managing people, resolving conflicts and disputes through to protecting business assets from ex-employees. It includes recruiting and retaining talent, leadership and motivation and harnessing diversity. It also includes maintaining workplace cohesion and driving productivity all while ensuring compliance with the Fair Work Act.

And that means mastering workplace relations requires knowledge of other areas, ranging from mental health, rehabilitation, safety and technology.

Our workplace relations lawyers work closely with you to help you minimise employment claims and disputes and maximise workplace harmony and productivity. We listen to your concerns, discuss your options and collaborate with you to develop strategies that fit your business.

And we'll back that up with robust representation and practical awareness to give you the best outcomes.


We can:

  • Help you draft and negotiate employment contracts and incentive schemes to protect the business and drive success.

  • Assist you to develop workplace policies and practices that maximise workplace productivity and meet your obligations under the Fair Work Act.

  • Advise you on your obligations under the National Employment Standards (such as flexibility requests and leave entitlements) and other workplace entitlements.

  • Interpret modern awards, legislation and other industrial instruments to give you the confidence you’re complying with workplace laws.

  • Advise you on managing and responding to adverse action, workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

  • Help you develop equal employment opportunity and other positive workplace policies.

  • Help you investigate, mediate and resolve workplace conflicts to restore workplace cohesion and functionality and to take decisive disciplinary action.

  • Advise you on managing poor performance and misconduct and how best to carry out a termination of employment.

  • Assist you to manage injured and ill workers, including those suffering from mental health issues, to ensure compliance with discrimination laws and workplace rehabilitation and safety obligations.

  • Work with you to manage industrial action and disputes to achieve a return to business without distraction and disruption.

  • Negotiate and draft enterprise agreements so that you get the best outcomes for the business.

  • Look at alternative work arrangements, like independent contracting, and ensure compliance with workplace laws.

  • Help you develop contractual clauses and other strategies to protect confidential information, intellectual property and goodwill through restraints and the post-employment obligations.

  • Represent you in the Fair Work Commission or the NSW Industrial Relations Commission as well as other courts and tribunals, including the Federal and Supreme Court, so that you give yourself the best chance of success.


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