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Elder Law

As Australians we’re living longer than ever. But our longevity brings with it challenges - many of them legal ones.

Some areas that are governed by strict regulations - such as superannuation, retirement and succession planning - become more important to us as we age. These rules are quite complicated and it is important that your affairs are in order so that you are not adversely affected.

Because of this, we believe older people and their families need their own specialist legal advice. That’s why our elder law team advises on every part of the law that affects senior Australians, from estate planning to superannuation and from aged care accommodation to guardianship and powers of attorney.

We can:

  • Help you make a Will and plan your estate so that your assets go where you intend them to.

  • Advise you on making sure your intentions are carried out through enduring powers of attorney, appointing enduring guardians and making advanced healthcare directives.

  • Help you structure your superannuation so that you make the most of your retirement.

  • Advise you on dealing with the Guardianship Tribunal over the appointment of a guardian or financial manager, including representing you to challenge a guardianship application.

  • Advise you on retirement village and nursing care.

  • Advise you on early inheritance strategies that let you support your family and beneficiaries while protecting your assets and income.