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The superannuation industry is vital to our long-term financial viability, both as individual Australians and the country as a whole. And because it’s that important, it’s often subject to significant scrutiny and regulation.

Our team of superannuation industry lawyers specialise in assisting trustees and members of self managed superannuation funds.  That’s why we were named winners of Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 Tax & Superannuation Firm of the Year.

We understand the complex laws that regulate and tax superannuation funds. But, more importantly, we think creatively to help you reach your goals even in the face of the most complex challenges. 

We can advise you on everything from setting up a new superannuation fund, structuring investments to comply with legal requirements, rectifying contraventions of superannuation laws and managing ATO audits and appeals against ATO decisions. 

We can do this because we draw on a range of specialist lawyers, each of whom combines deep experience in the superannuation sector with expertise in various fields of law. We collaborate with you to help you reach better legal and commercial outcomes.


We can:

  • Advise you on setting up and restructuring a superannuation fund so that you comply with the law.

  • Help you understand and comply with your legal obligations so that you avoid penalties and the harsh consequences that follow if the ATO classify your superannuation fund as a 'non-complying superannuation fund'.

  • Advise you on the mySuper reforms, including setting up for mySuper products.

  • Advise you on your responsibilities as a trustee including your obligations to employees under superannuation guarantee legislation.

  • Advise you on structuring transactions when it comes to acquiring assets and investments so that you minimise taxation and maximise returns.

  • Help you resolve disputes through negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques.

  • Represent you in court if you’re bringing or defending a claim.

  • Advise you on paying out benefits from your superannuation fund. 

  • Advise you on winding up a superannuation fund.