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Work Health & Safety

Workplace health and safety impacts on many decisions organisations need to make.

Your WHS obligations need to be front of mind in everything you do, whether that’s responding to a bullying complaint, purchasing new equipment and materials, designing and developing new work practices, or just going about your ordinary daily tasks.

Our workplace health and safety lawyers are committed to helping your organisation master its WHS obligations, so that you’re always confident your workers are safe. We’ll work closely with you to help you achieve a safe workplace and strong safety culture.

We know that complying with work health and safety law begins by understanding your duties and responsibilities. But it only succeeds if your management team drives a culture that’s focused on safety.

We‘ll help you develop the processes that lead to consultation and cooperation across your organisation when it comes to workplace safety. We’ll also guide you to making better informed decisions by providing the right information when you need it.

And we can show you how to build a WHS management framework that gives supervisors and workers the tools to assess risk and implement safe work practices.


We can:

  • Advise you on work health and safety laws and regulations.

  • Show you how to develop corporate governance systems, including designing risk management and safety management systems.

  • Develop tailored workplace safety policies, including dealing with workplace bullying, drug and alcohol and fatigue management.

  • Advise you on managing contractor safety, including drafting contracts and procedures for managing disputes.

  • Help you develop consultation mechanisms and policies that let you communicate with workers and other duty holders about safety.

  • Advise you on workplace bullying and help you carry out an investigation into alleged workplace bullying.

  • Carry out a WHS audit to make sure you’re complying with your work health and safety obligations.

  • Deliver due diligence training to your board or managers to make sure you have effective oversight and leadership on safety.

  • Help you train your staff on WHS issues, including understanding their own duties and responsibilities.

  • Help you manage union and HSR disputes, including rights of entry, in relation to safety.

  • Help you respond to an accident or incident, including complying with notification requirements, liaising on your behalf with SafeWork NSW and other regulators through to compliance with improvement and prohibition notices and preparing your employees for interviews with the regulator.

  • Give you the best possible representation in WHS prosecutions under both State and federal law, including defending proceedings and negotiating enforceable undertakings.