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Finance & Capital

Whether we need capital for a multi-million dollar business venture or a mortgage on the family home, obtaining finance is often what helps us build the lives - and the businesses - we want. In other words, raising money is central to the way our economy operates. 

Because finance is that important, it’s vital that your lawyers have a deep understanding of the complex laws that regulate it. It’s also important that they understand the commercial reality of what you’re doing just as much as the law.

Our lawyers pride themselves just as much on their practical commercial experience, as on their technical knowledge of the law. From asset finance to corporate and business lending, and from mortgage-related litigation to debt recovery, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the best possible result.



Caveats affect many areas of the law. It is a legal instrument that can be registered on the title to property by a person or organisation. The caveat operates as a statutory injunction and prevents the registration of particular dealings and plans on a title without the caveators express consent.

Learn more about caveats and how we can help.


We can: 

  • Help you draft corporate and business lending agreements that are easy to understand, take account of the commercial reality and protect your rights.

  • Represent you in financial litigation in any court or tribunal, including the Supreme Court and Federal Court of Australia.

  • Advise you on public and private capital raisings, including rights issues and institutional offerings.

  • Advise you on asset financing and leasing, including receivables financing.

  • Advise you on enforcing security, recovering debt and insolvency.

  • Help you understand your rights and obligations when it comes to seed funding and venture capital funding.



Demystifying the Australian Financial Complaints Authority