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Sales & Distribution

Our specialist sales & distribution lawyers help retailers, wholesalers, distributors and franchisors make better commercial decisions.

We can help your business master legal challenges ranging from setting up and marketing a new product line to protecting your interests in a distribution agreement. We can also help you protect or commercialise your intellectual property rights or even give you the legal framework that will let you expand into new markets. 

We can do this because we understand the realities of the supply chain and how sales and distribution work just as well as we understand the law. 

We also take the time to properly understand your business - your commercial drivers, your culture and dynamics, your key suppliers or customers and your expectations. This lets us take a holistic view of what you’re looking to achieve, one that puts your commercial success first and then uses the law to support it. 

It’s this flexibility and results-focused approach that means that the suppliers and distributors of some of Australia’s best known brands trust us to advise them on the best way to reach their objectives.

And it’s also the approach we’ll use to help your business reach the best legal and commercial outcomes.

We can:

  • Help you design a workable distribution agreement that protects your interests without compromising your business relationships.

  • Help you understand the Competition and Consumer Law so that you know where you stand and avoid penalties.

  • Show you how to protect and commercialise your intellectual property rights so that you profit from your innovation.

  • Help you set up workable and effective franchise and distribution systems and structures.

  • Advise you on drafting a franchise agreement that works in the real world as well as on paper.

  • Give you the legal structures that will let you get on with business and achieve your commercial objectives.

  • Help you achieve productive and harmonious workplace relations so that your employees are working towards your business goals.

  • Help you resolve disputes with customers, suppliers, contractors and others through alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as negotiations.

  • Represent you in court if you need to bring a claim against another party or defend one.

  • Advise you on e-commerce and internet-based transactions, as well as the privacy and data laws you need to comply with.