Council Connect - Issue 11


Welcome to the May issue of Council Connect.

While much of the work that councils do is highly visible, they also do an enormous amount of work that goes unseen and unheralded. In this issue, we chat to Julie Briggs, CEO of Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) which was formed to enable initiatives that may not have been possible without cooperation.

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to speak with Julie and shine a well-deserved light on the commitment, smart thinking, and collaborative mindset that the Councils have brought to bear here – a great example of the power of working together.

This edition of Council Connect also looks at issues including wrongful dismissal, the importance of proper and precise examination of environmental impacts on council activities and considerations when implementing ‘buy local’ policies. Our team provides guidance when facing self represented litigants, on the changes coming to Australian defamation laws as well as when public rights can override private rights in land dealings. As always, we hope you find our articles informative and interesting.

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