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Council Connect - Issue 12


Welcome to the December 2021 issue of Council Connect.

Our articles in this issue shine a spotlight on some of the challenges and also of course, the opportunities faced by councils who are committed to good business practices. We explore issues and provide guidance on matters ranging from garbage truck safety to social housing, and the complications that can derail seemingly straightforward commercial contracts between councils and contractors.

Our thanks to Morven Cameron, CEO of Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) who took time out to speak to our own David Creais for this issue’s CEO interview. David’s discussion with Morven highlights the resilience and foresight of LMCC over the last year. We hear about the technology rollout that saw inside and outside teams alike able to participate in Council Town Halls. Taking part in the larger conversations that help keep workplaces unified and motivated has been a real positive for the Council this past year. After learning about the tourism growth and natural beauty of the region, the Bartier Perry team are all busy looking for their next getaway accommodation!

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