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Council Connect Issue 15


Welcome to Autumn (where has summer gone?) and our 15th issue of Council Connect. Reading over the articles our team have prepared, I am struck by how much change and growth our local councils manage relentlessly. Maintaining focus on what’s important while leaping the hurdles that appear is no easy task.

In this issue we interview Gail Connolly, CEO of the City of Parramatta who shared her time with us recently to talk about how proud she is of her LGA. Gail talks about her council’s focus on ensuring the community ‘has access to the services they deserve’ and I know this is a focus for all our council clients – as populations increase so do community needs.

This issue of Council Connect includes the following articles:

  • New In-Fill Affordable Housing Scheme – what you need to know

  • Unfair contract terms – the noose tightens on bad practices

  • Unfair contract terms in property contracts

  • Recent cases benefit councils in disputes and contractors

  • Legislators up the stakes on privacy with new, mandatory scheme for councils

  • Injured workers – what medical evidence is needed to get a job back?

  • Councils and criminal reporting – recent law changes make it important to know your rights and obligations

  • Reformation of the Industrial Court of NSW and more

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