Council Connect - Issue 8

Growing demands

If there is a common thread running through this issue of Council Connect, it’s that councils are having to do more and more with limited resources. Among the greatest drivers of this are growing populations, higher community expectations and increasing diversity among our communities.

As it happens, changes in law also create challenges. So many widely varying pieces of legislation apply to council activities that keeping up with them all is almost impossible. Not only that, but often the relevant law is highly complex. We touch on a handful of such areas in this publication, particularly around procurement (where probity is becoming an increasingly sensitive matter), employing people with criminal convictions, and disputed valuations when property is acquired for public works.

Council Connect is our contribution to keeping you up to date with recent legal opinion and topical legal matters. For many of our readers, it is a useful addition to their regular sources of information and we hope, a welcome relief from some of the more conventional material that crosses your desk!

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