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Council Connect - Issue 9

Roads to recovery

This year has seen turbulent times for all our local council clients particularly following so closely from the devastating bushfires last summer. I have noted that local councils have worked tirelessly for their communities in lockdown, ensuring public facilities have the services and supplies they need, and that the day to day needs of their residents can be met. This is on top of changing guidelines for all council staff and ensuring, firstly, they are looked after so as in turn to look after the rest of the community.

As we approach the middle of what has been a year like no other, and look to the other side of the pandemic, what is forefront in my mind is that we work with our clients to find ways to come out stronger. At Bartier Perry it has never been more important for us to work side by side with you to keep the community in jobs and businesses in business.

I hope you will find this issue of Council Connect informative and interesting. What I see coming through each of the articles is that councils are being required to respond to rapidly changing guidelines and legislation and to adapt their resources accordingly.

As Terry Dodds, CEO of Tenterfield Shire Council and this issue’s (video) interviewee points out, communication with both levels of government, with our advisors and with each other is critical. Thank you Terry for sharing what has been happening at Tenterfield Shire Council with us. I really encourage all our readers to view the interview to hear about the challenges the Tenterfield community has been dealing with and overcoming, and with such good will.

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