Workplace computer surveillance - A service for Bartier Perry clients

The Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 commenced on Friday 7 October 2005.  Further details regarding the implications of this legislation can be found in the Bartier Perry Bulletin entitled the New Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 - are you ready?

The Act requires any form of computer surveillance to be in accordance with a published and communicated computer surveillance policy.

If you do not have these policies in place, have not notified your employees that you conduct surveillance and have not explained the policies to your staff, any surveillance of computer use will be in breach of the Act.

Imagine if you discover an employee has been misusing your computer resources and you want to use the evidence recorded by surveillance to defend a claim by your employee. Unless you comply with the Act that evidence may be inadmissible!

As a service to our clients without dedicated IT or extensive HR resources we have prepared a simple computer use policy, computer surveillance policy, email and internet blocking policy along with a notice and an explanatory presentation for staff.

We would be happy to supply these documents with a covering advice explaining the requirements of computer surveillance under the new legislation.

For further information please contact Bartier Perry.