Providing a COVID-safe environment

A hotline has been set up for clients to contact us and talk through the challenges you may be facing. If you are in a financial bind, we will provide some initial guidance in relation to credit & finance, supply chain, insurance, restructuring, real estate and construction related matters so together we can work out what your best options are. The number is (02) 8281 7980. You can also visit our online COVID-19 resource page.


1 May 2021

We’re aligning all aspects of our Sydney office workplace to the practical and well thought out Safe Work Australia guidelines. These cover everything from building access to sanitisers to social distancing.

What we are doing:

  • Limiting our meeting room capacity and keeping doors open if possible

  • Practising physical distancing

  • Ensuring good hygiene through washing/sanitising hands and using good cough/sneeze etiquette

  • Our air conditioning is operating at 100% capacity

  • Providing refreshments in a COVID safe way

What you can do:

  • Please do not attend or remain at our office if you are feeling unwell

  • Practice good hygiene by regularly washing/sanitising hands and using good cough/sneeze etiquette

  • Practicing physical distancing

  • Follow room capacity guidelines as shown on our meeting room doors

  • Provide us with your details by entering them into the onsite register

Being safe though is more than that. It’s recognising different people will have differing levels of anxiety as business reopens. That means our clients and employees should feel welcome to express personal concerns or raise issues or ideas that could make them feel more comfortable in their daily interactions with the firm. For clients this covers whether you are coming to our office or we are visiting you. Consultation and understanding will be just as important, if not more so, than posters and guidelines as people return to traditional office spaces.

If you wish to more fully understand how we are staying safe at our office please feel free to contact for more information.