Planning system reform in a time of pandemic

Date - 30 September 2020
Venue - Webinar

Bartier Perry is proud to sponsor this Australian Institute of Urban Studies (AIUS) event. 

Planning system reform is a topic that arises at least every decade. No minister has been better qualified to review the planning system than Minister Stokes. He has put planning system reform on the agenda for discussion and will talk about aspects such as what parts of the system really beg reform, how it could be done, should it be radical or gradual and what community support could be expected. Churchill said that one should never waste a good crisis and perhaps now is the ideal time to contemplate what would be considered too difficult in other times.

The Hon. Rob Stokes MP
Rob Stokes is the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, where he is focussed on promoting development throughout NSW that improves people's lives into the future, as well as protecting, restoring and building our State’s public spaces and parklands.

Rob is an environmental lawyer and has read sustainable urban development at Oxford and completed a PhD in planning law under a Commonwealth Scholarship.

Michael Neustein, Chairman, AIUS NSW

Date & Time

Wednesday 30 September, 5pm