AIUS City Briefing: The Reality Of Securing Future Transport Corridors

Date - 24 July 2018
Venue - Bartier Perry

Bartier Perry is proud to host this AIUS event

Guest speaker: Geoffrey Cahill, Director of Corridor Preservation, Freight, Strategy and Planning Division, Transport for NSW

Geoffrey oversees the team within Transport NSW responsible for long-term corridor protection for passenger and freight railways and motorways. This involves a complex process of recommending alignments, integrating land use planning and environmental assessments, securing funding for land acquisition, engaging with community and other interested parties, and securing government support for corridor protection.

Geoff’s briefing will focus on the importance and benefits of corridor protection, which has been identified in many forums. Foremost of these is enabling sound long-term strategic planning, which involves cost-saving for future infrastructure delivery. Corridor identification and protection is a priority for the government’s Future Transport 2056, the Greater Sydney Region Plan and the State Infrastructure Strategy. The talk will provide some insight into the opportunity as well as the complexity of protecting major transport corridors for the future.


5.00 PM Presentation
6.15 PM Networking and refreshments



Bartier Perry - Level 10, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney