To caveat or not to caveat – that is the question!

Date - 12 November 2019
Venue - Bartier Perry

Whether you are a property owner, developer, contractor, financier, lessee or purchaser, inevitably you will either seek to caveat someone else’s land or you will find a caveat preventing you from dealing with title to land. Caveats can have significant and far-reaching consequences for everyone involved in property developments, and the reality is that many things about caveats are misunderstood.

Caveats can be used as a scalpel or blunt instrument, namely to block someone else from dealing with the property, or to give notice of your rights in the property.

At this event, we will explore the operation and effect of caveats by following a property development caveat issue from inception through to its consideration in Court. Joining Bartier Perry Partners Peter Barakate and Gavin Stuart in this discussion will be Miles Condon SC, a barrister with over 23 years’ experience dealing with real property and caveat matters.

Attendees at this event will hear about:

  • What to consider before you lodge a caveat

  • What to do if your property is subject to a caveat

  • How to manage third parties when caveats become an issue

  • When it is appropriate to seek to lapse or otherwise take steps to remove caveats

  • How the court approaches caveat matters


  • Peter Barakate - Accredited Specialist in Property Law and Partner at Bartier Perry

  • Gavin Stuart - Partner and Head of Bartier Perry’s Dispute Resolution & Advisory team

  • Miles Condon SC - Barrister, New Chambers

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To caveat or not to caveat - that is the question!