30 September 2019

Changing attitudes - recent approaches by industrial tribunals to dismissal decisions

Whenever making the decision to end a worker’s employment, inevitably you will worry about whether the decision will be found to be unfair by the Commission.  Some of the questions commonly asked include:

  • Can we take a stand against behaviour that does not align to the business and culture?

  • Is the sanction of dismissal too severe?

  • Will flaws in process and execution triumph the merits of the dismissal?

  • Does the employee’s personal circumstances mean the decision is harsh?

In this seminar we will examine whether recent decisions coming out of the unfair dismissal jurisdiction are reflecting community standards and the modern workplace.  Is the Commission being more balanced and sensible with its decisions? 

Come join us as we take a look at recent decisions coming out of the Commission, discuss the trends and what it means for your workplace.