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17 November 2021

End of year health check - current issues in employment

What a year 2021 has been. Employers have had to deal with the COVID world and mandatory vaccination as well as navigating the ongoing uncertainty in employment laws. It has been challenging!

In this webinar, we will discuss some recent developments in employment law and explore what it all means for employers heading into 2022:

  • Casual employees and the uncertainty as to their status has chopped and changed, but recent developments highlight the need for employers to have appropriate systems in place to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • What is my worker? Whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee remains a hot issue with the High Court revisiting the issue in 2021. And with regulators looking more broadly at worker entitlements, it is critical to get the engagement right.

  • Restraint speech: there are limits on an employee’s ability to say what they please and knowing where those limits exist is important for business in managing its culture.

  • Safe work: a safe workplace is a non-delegable duty that has seen particular focus this year on eliminating sexual harassment and managing re-integration at work as key safety issues heading into 2022.