06 May 2021

How do you successfully restructure your workforce for the new world?

As we come out of COVID-19 restrictions, and look at business conditions and demands for the next 12 months, it is inevitable that some form of restructuring will occur. 

The change may be to the way we work and service customer demands.  No doubt many employees will be keen to continue some form of working remotely.  Other changes may be more drastic, such as to the composition and structure of the workforce. 

Managing change can be difficult.  There will be resistors and employees who cannot manage change.  Handled poorly, there could be a myriad of claims, from bullying, unfair dismissal through to workers compensation claims. 

In this webinar, James Mattson will look at the key challenges for business from an employment law perspective including:

  • The lawfulness and best management approach, to requiring employees to physically return to the workplace and other sites.

  • How best to change an employee’s duties and responsibilities to meet business needs, including without giving rise to claims and disputation.

  • How to successfully implement redundancies without unfair dismissal claims and industrial disputes.