07 March 2019

The modern workplace: some impacts of technology

Technology in the workplace has enhanced flexibility and delivered easier ways of working. But technology can also have its dark side … for both employers and employees. 

We all know that the introduction of technology at work gives rise to obligations to consult, and may often lead to industrial disputes and complaints about safety.  But there are other impacts to consider other than these well-known industrial considerations.

This seminar will explore some recent decisions and media commentary around:

  • Artificial intelligence hiring and firing - liability for actions caused by a non-human controlling mind of an employer

  • Mobile devices and secretly recording discussions at and about work – what is all the fuss about?

  • Data mining from on-line, social media sourced activity and tracking data - good HR due diligence or breach of privacy?

  • CCTV footage – when is it illegally obtained and when can it be used in disciplinary processes and in proceedings before an industrial tribunal?

  • Biometric bundy clocks – does the refusal of an employee to provide their biometric data, due to concerns about privacy, constitute a valid reason for dismissal?

How adept is Australian employment law to deal with developments in technology and the impacts at work?