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Bartier Perry - Debt Recovery - Letter of Demand


Are you concerned by the cost of recovering debts to your business? 

Do you wonder whether it is worthwhile to pursue smaller debts?

Did you know that there is a cost-effective alternative to using mercantile agents for debt recovery?

Bartier Perry has a solution for you. We are offering this service as a value-add to our existing clients and new clients. It is offered at or below cost because we are simply tired of seeing our clients foregoing revenue as a result of bad advice or no advice.

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Below we have illustrated how this service helped one of our clients.


Case Study

One of our clients asked us to help them recover a small portfolio of debts.

The debts in the portfolio ranged from as little as $450 up to $65,000. The total value of the portfolio was $244,000! 

Our advice to the client was to issue a solicitor’s letter of demand to each of the debtors.

Bartier Perry issued 18 letters of demand to those debtors. The result of sending these letters astounded our client.

From the 18 letters issued our client received payment from 16 of the debtors and recovered in excess of $221,000. Our client paid $3,850 for our services (some of which included advice following a response from a debtor).

Had our client engaged a prominent Mercantile Agent, they may have been charged in excess of $29,980 in commissions. This represents a saving of over $26,000 or 87%.


The Bartier Perry Solution

The $55 letter of demand is a flat fee and the first step in the value chain we offer clients with debt collection issues.

Whilst we know these letters obtain results, if your debt collection problems extend beyond the letter of demand solution we have a range of services that can help you and are happy to meet with you to discuss.


Ongoing debt management

We work in collaboration with our clients to review their existing credit management practices and provide advice on strategies to control bad debts. These strategies include: 

• ensuring that terms and conditions provide appropriate protection

• streamlining credit management and enforcement systems/processes

• providing precedent emails and letters for use in recovery, making clients self-sufficient.


Why Bartier Perry

Bartier Perry is a cost-effective solution for your overall debt recovery for a number reasons.

1. We do not charge commission on the debts we help you recover, unlike mercantile agents who often charge between 7.5% and up to 35% of the debt recovered. In addition, some mercantile agents charge an additional 10% for debts that are outstanding for more than a year.

2. The lawyers in Bartier Perry’s specialist debt recovery team have experience over many years and that means they understand what it takes to recover debts. Our team knows that strategies for recovery may change from debtor to debtor. Thus we don’t approach every problem with a generic solution. We tailor the solution to your problems.

3. We can quite simply save you a lot of money on your debt recovery. In the case study the client saved over $26,000, or 87%, in recovery fees compared to what they might have paid a mercantile agent.

“Bartier Perry has assisted Hunter Douglas Limited with recovery work for many years. Bartier Perry recently sent a letter of demand for us for an amount in excess of $250,000 and we were paid over 90% of the amount claimed within one week. Late last year, Bartier Perry also introduced a $55 online service for letters of demand which allows Hunter Douglas to issue letters of demand quickly and cheaply.  Bartier Perry staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. Highly recommended if you want results!”  Peter Hughes, Director of Finance & Logistics


Next Steps 

Once the form is complete we will send the letter of demand to the debtor within 1 business day. We will also provide a copy of the letter to you at that point. 

The letter of demand will provide your debtor with 14 days to make payment to you. At the end of that period, we will send you a follow up email to query whether the debt has been paid and discuss further avenues for recovery if necessary.

Any response received by Bartier Perry from your debtor will be sent to you at no additional cost.

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