Areas of Expertise

Gavin is head of Bartier Perry’s Dispute Resolution & Advisory team and has over 20 years’ legal experience.

His appearances in the NSW Supreme Court, the Federal Court of Australia and specialist tribunals have shown him the negative impacts of litigation, as well as the positive ones. For that reason, he helps his clients avoid the litigation treadmill where he can. Instead, he prefers to solve their disputes through strategies designed to shorten exposure to litigation such as negotiation or mediation.

An area of focus for Gavin is helping his clients extricate themselves from broken partnership, shareholder and joint venture relationships and seeing them to a position where they can get on with their next opportunity. In this area, a special interest is family business disputes. 

Gavin is also interested in the convergence of the law and digital technologies, including social media. He regularly advises online businesses and specialises in helping clients get better outcomes in disputes involving unlawful online conduct, copyright and confidential information. He also enjoys working with clients involved with commercialisation of technology, particularly in the area of biotech and medtech. 

Gavin has been involved in cross border disputes involving jurisdictions such as England, New Zealand, India, and the USA. He also has experience with institutional and ad hoc international arbitrations.


What Gavin’s clients say

"Gavin is very easy to work with. He communicates concisely and clearly and sets reasonable expectations both about what can be achieved legally and when it comes to timelines and delivery. His ability to comprehend a problem and work through the possible options and scenarios makes it easier to make clear decisions and give back directions. He is also a skilled negotiator and has helped us resolve our disputes quickly and favourably". - Luka Vulic, Director, S4B



  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (University of Technology Sydney)

  • Licensing Executives Society of Australia and New Zealand (NSW Chapter Committee Member)

  • Family Business Australia (Adviser)

  • Commercial Law Association

  • Communications and Media Law Association

  • Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand


A word from Gavin

"Business disputes between owners can be financially and emotionally draining, and there are often a lot of moving parts to consider and manage. I enjoy pulling apart the problem, and designing and implementing an effective strategy to see my clients through as unscathed as possible.

This involves understanding what may transpire a number of steps down the track, as well as the people, behavioural types and likely responses at key (high pressure) times."


Career highlights

  • Successfully defending a class action in the Federal Court and High Court. The claim was brought by landowners who alleged our client was trying to avoid the Constitution through misrepresentations and conspiracy with the Commonwealth.

  • Assisting a local veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer to defend and settle proceedings brought by a US-based pharmaceutical company for breach of a distribution agreement. We also helped the same client prosecute claims against a US- based contract manufacturer for patent infringement and breach of confidence and trade secrets.

  • Favourably settling proceedings for an uninsured local electronics manufacturer brought by a US based multinational for losses sustained as a result of product defects and product recall.

  • Co-authoring the Litigation chapter of the text “Social Media and the Law” published by LexisNexis, now in its second edition.


Specific areas of focus

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes including oppression claims

  • Commercial contract disputes and procurement

  • Defamation and redress for attacks on business entities and unlawful online conduct

  • Corporations issues and directors/fiduciary duties

  • Trusts matters including judicial advice applications and regularising trust arrangements

  • Enforcing restraints and non-competition clauses

  • Competition and regulatory issues including ASIC investigations and hearings

  • Government inquiries
  • Copyright, trademark, patent and confidential information disputes

  • Financial services and tax disputes

  • Securities advice and enforcement regarding real and personal property

  • Real property disputes

  • Insolvency and debt recovery

  • Risk minimisation and asset protection advice

  • Insurance related claims and policy coverage disputes

  • Building & construction