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Areas of Expertise

Sylvia brings a broad range of experience and skill to her role, having initially been admitted to practice as a Solicitor in NSW in 1991 and later as a Barrister at the NSW Bar in 2000. She has particular expertise in employment and industrial relations having conducted a wide range of industrial and employment litigation in her long standing career. 

Sylvia brings a unique skill set and experience to her role having practised as a Solicitor and Barrister, conducting litigation and assisting clients to navigate their way through complex workplace relations disputes and providing strategic and risk management advice to a broad range of clients.

In addition to her vast experience, Sylvia has excellent formal qualifications in industrial relations and employment law, holding a Masters of Labour Law and Relations from the University of Sydney. Sylvia also holds formal qualifications in corporate governance from the Governance Institute of Australia. 

Sylvia’s past experience as a barrister gives her a unique perspective and advantage in the preparation and conduct of litigious matters and in the negotiation and settlement of workplace disputes.  

Sylvia works closely with her clients to find the most beneficial outcomes, whether it be in day to day HR management, work safety issues or resolving workplace litigation and disputes.



  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney)

  • Bachelor of Laws (University of Sydney)

  • Master of Labour Law & Relations (University of Sydney)

  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance (Governance Institute of Australia)

  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia


A word from Sylvia

At the end of the day, clients come to their lawyer for solutions to their legal problems. I see my role as an effective and efficient problem solver for my clients. No matter whether their problem is small or complex, my clients are assured to receive forthright and fearless advice that is directed to resolving their problem in the most effective and efficient manner.

In the process, all my clients are treated with the utmost respect and consideration when they seek and obtain my advice. I take great care and pride in the provision of trusted and effective counsel, always ensuring that my client’s needs and concerns are heard and addressed at every step.


Career highlights

  • The successful defence of complex industrial relations litigation for a large corporation involving jurisdictional and fairness issues, resulting in the upholding its contractual agreements and systems.

  • Conduct of a wide range of workplace litigation for individuals and corporations including unfair dismissals, discrimination and occupational health and safety matters.

  • Conduct of workplace investigations for small, medium and large corporations, resulting in the remedying of workplace discrimination and the implementation of appropriate practices and procedures.

  • The effective settlement of employment disputes for both employers and employees, avoiding termination of employment litigation and costs.

  • Provision of effective risk management advice to human resource managers resulting in appropriate performance management and the avoidance of litigation.

  • Drafting and interpretation of employment and secondment agreements for individuals and corporate entities including labour hire firms.

  • Interpretation of industrial instruments for government and non-government enterprises and organisations.


Specific areas of focus

  • Advocacy and representation: Expertise and high technical skill in the conduct of litigation before industrial relations courts and tribunals.

  • Expert advice and risk management: The provision of expert advice in the management of workplace and industrial issues, working closely with clients and management to ensure practical and effective outcomes.

  • Technical skills: Expert drafting skills for the conduct of all levels of litigation together with expertise in the interpretation of contracts, industrial instruments and legislation.

  • Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution: Expertise in the negotiation of employment agreements and alternative dispute resolution of employment disputes, both formally and informally.