Who we help at a glance

We acknowledge we can’t be all things to all people, and to ensure our advice and insights are relevant to you we focus on helping specific groups who have related needs. 

  • Private companies

    We understand that privately held companies often need different legal advice to publicly listed companies.

    That’s because as a private company owner or decision maker you face different legal and commercial challenges. You have a different relationship and reporting requirements to your shareholders than to public companies. You’re subject to laws and regulations that are only becoming more complex and easier to get wrong.

    On top of that, there are often strong personalities or dominant share…

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  • Private clients

    Our private client lawyers advise high net worth clients - including entrepreneurs, investors, families and family businesses - on the legal issues involved in growing wealth and protecting assets.

    We know that building wealth is about much more than making money. It’s about having the means to create a legacy: one that can help both our family and the causes we believe in.

    That’s why we take a holistic approach to advising our private clients. We don’t just consider the law, but work hard to …

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  • Insurance

    Our specialist insurance lawyers act exclusively for defendants, including employers, self-insurers and specialised insurers, Comcare, icare and its nominal insurer and NSW Self Insurance Corporation (SICorp).

    We strongly believe that the best approach to insurance is always to prevent disputes from arising in the first place. And we know that insurance claims of any kind are more likely in an environment where there’s interpersonal conflict, poorly defined processes or a lack of communication.…

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  • Government

    Bartier Perry’s lawyers help government departments and agencies, and public bodies make better decisions.

    We do this by giving you practical legal advice that doesn’t just take into account the strict letter of the law, but considers the context you operate in.

    After all, we know you face different - and often greater - pressures than organisations in the corporate and commercial world. There’s the need to be transparent and open, the need to comply with government policies and guidelines, th…

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