Private companies

We understand that privately held companies often need different legal advice to publicly listed companies.

That’s because as a private company owner or decision maker you face different legal and commercial challenges. You have a different relationship and reporting requirements to your shareholders than to public companies. You’re subject to laws and regulations that are only becoming more complex and easier to get wrong.

On top of that, there are often strong personalities or dominant shareholders involved in the decision making process - sometimes from the same family or a parent company. You usually need to make strategic business decisions on areas such as raising capital, merging with or acquiring other businesses or distributing profits without the same level of board oversight and publicity that a listed company transaction attracts. 

That’s why we think your lawyers should be specialists in advising private companies.

We help some of Australia’s best private companies make better commercial decisions and compete with the big players. We do this not just by being private company specialists, but also by getting to understand the way every one of our clients works, inside-out.

That way our corporate lawyers are more than just experts in the technicalities of the law. We’re strategic partners who’ll give you continuity and help you manage risk, unlock growth and drive your business forward.

We can: 

  • Advise you on mergers & acquisitions, including taking over other private businesses, disposing of assets, joint ventures and raising capital from investors or financial institutions.

  • Advise your board on its obligations and duties so that you’re always complying with ASIC requirements.

  • Be your strategic sounding board on all corporate decisions so that you know you’re managing risk without compromising opportunity.

  • Help you build better workplace relations through your contracts of employment, including advising you on incentivising staff through profit sharing and bonus schemes.

  • Help you manage financial arrangements with your bank and assist you to restructure or refinance as your business changes and grows.

  • Help you master the rules of corporate governance so that you build a culture of compliance in your organisation.

  • Help you monetise and protect your intellectual property rights and stop others from exploiting your confidential information.

  • Help you make sure your commercial contracts with suppliers, customers and service providers are as tight as possible.

  • Help you set up a strong credit and debt management process to make sure your cashflow remains strong.

  • Represent you in a commercial dispute and help you resolve any claims through negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques.

  • Help develop family business succession plans that take into account the complexities of modern family structures and dynamics and minimise the chances of a dispute.