CEO Update: Balancing short and long-term demands

Irene Horan begins the next phase of her career in January as a newly appointed Partner in our Property, Planning & Construction team.

Irene is joined by Mai Nguyen, who is promoted to an Associate in our Insurance team and Grace Connolly, to People & Culture Advisor.

In a year when for many of us the typical day to day came to a sudden halt, their promotions are a reminder that even in the most uncertain of situations there is a need to keep moving forward.

It’s never a hard decision to delay making one.

But throughout the pandemic, as a firm, we’ve focused on ensuring we don’t put on hold our longer term strategic vision and commitment to organisational culture. And that very much includes continuing to build a diverse and inclusive firm.

While we’ve focused on the longer term, many of our legal teams have conversely had to be incredibly nimble and fast-paced to meet some immediate and pressing issues faced by clients.

COVID-related leasing disputes and workplace vaccination requirements are just two major issues which have arisen in a context where there is a degree of uncertainty as to how the law may be applied.

This balance of managing a myriad of short-term challenges while keeping a focus on the future is an issue many of the clients I’ve met with in the last 12 months have highlighted.

In both the private and public sector where the demands on management and teams brought on by COVID have been heavy and unrelenting, I’ve been continually impressed and inspired by our clients’ resilience.

So, this holiday season for our team and yours it’s likely never been more important, whether in the coming weeks or months, to have a break, have some fun and enjoy the simple things in life.

Whatever that means for you, all of us at Bartier Perry wish you a restful, safe, and peaceful holiday season and a New Year that brings something closer to normality.

Author: Riana Steyn