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CEO Update: The team with the best culture always wins

When we all look back on 2023, now and into the future, I suspect there will always be one moment that brings a smile to most faces.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup – and the Matilda’s performance at it – united Australia in a way we haven’t seen for some time.

The diversity of nations, the cultural energy their fans brought to stadiums and the skill of the players, energised fans and football novices alike.

For the Matildas, who a few short years ago were playing in front of home crowds of 8000, it was particularly noticeable how the team carried themselves in front of 80,000 plus.

Unchanged, authentic, engaging with fans old and new after the game and in the pressure cooker of a home tournament overcoming setbacks from injuries to losses.

As those close to the Matildas have highlighted, this wasn’t a culture born overnight and for every superstar of Kerr, Fowler or Ford there was a raft of people unseen helping build the team’s success.

That at a certain time and place millions of us could suddenly connect with the team reminded me just how invaluable, important, and powerful the right culture is.

Winning teams and organisational cultures are grown – not bought off a shelf. They are nurtured rather than simply rolled out overnight.

At Bartier Perry we talk about our culture a lot internally. Not to naval gaze, not to avoid change or difficult decisions but because it’s seen as an invaluable asset.

Our clients have choice in who provides their legal advice.

In working with us we want to ensure it’s the firm culture that is an important part of their decision.

And as Bartier Perry has grown, welcomed in new people and teams and even shifted into new premises in the last year, we’ve kept focused on ensuring that in working with our clients there is a distinct firm culture that adds value to them.

Like all our clients we of course as a firm have budgets, strategies, and targets to be met.

The Matildas of course never ultimately reached theirs in being knocked out in the semi-final. Yet they achieved so much more in the way their team culture brought us all together and the remarkable, long-lasting legacy they have created.

A timely reminder that the team with the best culture ultimately always wins.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, the team at Bartier Perry and those we’ve worked with in the last year.

And all of us at Bartier Perry wish you a very safe, happy, and hopefully relaxing and recharging holiday break in the weeks ahead.

Author: Riana Steyn