21 June 2019

Directors' Duties in A Cyber World

Against the backdrop of ever evolving technology, the constant threat of security breaches means that cyber security is an issue that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.  This raises the prospect of personal liability for company directors who fail to effectively manage the risks presented by the digital age.

Our expert panel will take you through all aspects of:

  • The obligation to implement effective cyber security systems

  • Data and privacy protection

  • Increasing employee awareness of cyber security issues

  • The interplay between directors’ duties and management of cyber risk

  • Tips on effectively managing the cyber risks posed by the digital age


Gavin Stuart, Partner and Head of Bartier Perry’s Commercial Disputes team.


Diego Ascani (Sedgwick), Pieter DeGunst (Tecala), Michael Collins, Greg Blewitt (Bartier Perry)