17 August 2021

Managing workplace safety, discrimination, harassment and other challenges in the new era of flexible work and covid-19

In this webinar we discuss the employer duties required to ensure safe, discrimination and harassment free workplaces. We look at the challenges faced in the new era of flexible work; claimed freedom of expression and vaccination choice ‘rights’.

Join Bartier Perry partners Linda Mackinlay and Darren Gardner as they explore these issues, and more:

  • With greater employee dislocation from employer controlled workplaces brings new challenges ensuring safe, discrimination and harassment free workplace.

  • The lines are more blurred than ever with private and employment online expression and action.

  • What is reasonably practicable in an employer controlled and managed environment is vastly different to the uncertainties of an employee’s residential domain.

  • In industries where employee presence is required, especially in essential services, there are new challenges managing risk for employees who are not, or do not wish to be, vaccinated. 

  • To what extent do claimed employee ‘rights’ influence or are relevant to primary employer WHS and EEO pro-active and preventative duties of care?