• Education

    As an education provider many of your decisions are about more than economics. We can help your organisation bridge the gap between commercial decisions and learning-focused ones.

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  • Family business

    Successful family businesses are built on trust. And when that trust breaks down it can impact on family members emotionally, as well as financially. So our advice takes into account your family dynamics, as well as the law.

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  • Financial services

    In the financial services sector the best legal results come through experience and collaboration. So we’ll work with you to understand your commercial objectives before guiding you through the regulatory complexities to find the most pragmatic way to achieve them.

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  • Government

    We use our long standing practical experience both working for and advising governments to continue to help local councils, State and Commonwealth departments and agencies run more efficiently, make good defensible decisions and reach better outcomes.

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  • Health

    In the health sector integrity, quality and regulatory compliance are integral to good decision making and service delivery. So we deliver practical, solutions-focused outcomes that keep your organisation in the spotlight for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

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  • International

    World Link for Law

    Bartier Perry is a member of World Link for Law - a network of 70 law firms in 40 countries. It is one of the largest international law networks in the world and is designed to help clients like you do business internationally.

    As the only New South Wales-based member, we are in a unique position to link clients with the right contacts in other countries, and provide sound guidance based on the knowledge and experience of lawyers in the relevant locations.

    We have helped Au…

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  • Not-for-profit

    Our NFP lawyers don’t just focus on giving your organisation the best legal advice, we actively look to deliver better value by instilling a culture of compliance that makes you less reliant on us in the long run.

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  • Sales & distribution

    We help retailers, wholesalers, distributors and franchisors make better commercial decisions. We do this by first taking a holistic view of what you’re looking to achieve. Then we use our knowledge of the law to help you get there.

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  • Superannuation

    Because the superannuation sector is so important, it’s subject to more scrutiny, more regulation and more political manoeuvring than any other sector. We think creatively to help you reach your goals even in the face of the most complex challenges.

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  • Technology

    For IT providers, few things matter more than speed: whether that’s being first to market with a new product or service or taking steps to protect your IP rights. That’s why we focus on providing legal advice that lets you make a confident call quickly.

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