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Our expertise at a glance

The law can be complex, confusing and intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. 

We have the smarts to understand the detail, but we don’t get bogged down in it. Instead, our strategic approach to legal advice focuses on getting you the best commercial outcome, as well as the best legal one.

  • Administrative Law

    Government decisions can have a profound effect on our lives and businesses. So if you’re making a decision or you’re challenging one, you need to be sure you get it right.

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  • Bankruptcy

    Our bankruptcy team provides clarity and a way forward, whether we are supporting trustees in bankruptcy in their roles or guiding our commercial clients through difficult financial circumstances.

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  • Building & Construction

    If you’re hard at work on a construction project, the last thing you need is for the law to slow it down unnecessarily. We’ll look for a solution that lets you get on with business.

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  • Business Succession

    Any business concerned about the long-term needs an effective succession plan, whether they’re a family business or non-family business.


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  • Competition & Consumer

    Competition & consumer law regulates the way businesses can behave, often in ways we may not suspect. We’ll help you master it at every stage of a commercial transaction.

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  • Contracts & Procurement

    The laws governing the tender process can be complex and sometimes even conflicting. We can show you how to maximise your position so that you have the best chances of success.

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  • Corporate Governance

    Your business has duties to regulators, shareholders, suppliers and others. We’ll help you meet them by building a robust framework for corporate governance.

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  • Corporate Restructuring and Reconstruction

    A corporate restructure can be in response to both opportunity or a crisis. Whatever the trigger, seeking legal advice as early as possible is critical.

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  • Data Protection & Privacy

    Privacy breaches can affect people’s lives, impact on business decisions and influence markets. We’ll make sure you’re not a victim or that you don’t fall foul of privacy laws.

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  • Debt Recovery

    We are experts in helping clients recover money that is owed by another business. We have a detailed understanding of the legal remedies available to you, as well as a finely tuned commercial sensibility that allows us to create workable solutions without recourse to expensive litigation.

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  • Deceased Estates

    When someone dies, their Will isn’t necessarily the final word on how their assets will be distributed. Some people connected to the deceased have the right to be fairly treated and provided for, regardless of what the Will says.

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  • Defamation

    Our reputations, both as individuals and as businesses, are our most valuable asset and must be protected.

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